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Our Teachers & Healers


Our team of practitioners have a wealth of experience, which they will be sharing throughout the workshops at the retreat. Private sessions can also be arranged, offering you the potential for greater insight.  Follow this link to book your private 20 minute session. 


Dr. Sara Florida

Acupuncturist, Healer, Author & Speaker

Sara Florida L.Ac., MAOM, PhD,  is an Acupuncturist, Author & Integrative Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Florida uses her medical training and her experience in natural healing to best help her clients reach their health goals. She has worked with clients on many complex challenging health conditions as well everyday health conditions. In fact, 60% of her treatments are for pain management, followed by allergies, digestive health and emotional health. She is capable of effectively treating over 80 conditions as approved by the world health organization with successful outcomes.


Dr. Florida worked in a large practice in central Houston starting in 2012 with two of her graduate professors, where she gained a great amount of expereince and treated tens of thousands, she then began working in her own practice in 2017 so that she could spread her wings and further develop her areas of interest and specialty. She officially went independent in 2019, opening her own practice, currently located in the Galleria area, uptown Houston.


Her experience in managing her areas of expertise comes from over 20 years of studying, clinical practice and research. All of this shows up in her healing practice as well as the tools she provides to her clients and in her upcoming book due to publish in 2023.

We believe that health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. We strive to promote holistic health and wellness through our services and patient education programs.



Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist


  • 2023 - Author (Functional Empath)

  • 2017 - PhD University of Sedona

  • 2017 - Author (24 Energies for Healing)

  • 2015-2019 - Functional Medicine training and Certificate

  • 2014 - Licensed Acupuncture (AC01536) Texas Medical Board and NCCAOM

  • 2013 - Masters Oriental Medicine - ACCAOM

  • 2007 - 200 CYT -Certified Yoga Instructor - Ashtanga (practicing since 90's)

  • 1998 /2005 - University of Houston - BBA





Dr. Florida lived in four states growing up, and moved around due to her dad's job. From 1985-1990 she completed middle school in Maadi Egypt, at an American Private school for expats called CAC. She moved to Houston in 1990 where she completed high school prior to going on to undergraduate and graduate studies. She worked in finance, banking and insurance from 1996 - 2012, prior to changing careers, while an intern for obtaining her masters degree. She found a passion in healing and wellness and it was an obvious transition. 


She is currently publishing her second  book, "The Functional Empath" and will provide empath classes and techniques at the retreat. 


Session requests and book pre-orders can be made online at this site. 

Learn more about or contact Dr. Florida at



Shital Dalwadi

Energy Healer

Shital Dalwadi is a lifelong student of energy healing.  She first had her first experiences when she was just a child.  She has studied many forms of energy healing such as biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, Pranic Healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki, and Qigong among others.  Her class will focus on two areas she finds important to share: healing the Healer and infusing energy into objects. She practices energy healing daily with the energy of curiosity and gratitude. She will be teaching classes at our retrteats, which you can learn more about. You can follow her on instagram @ramblingsofahealer.

Book a session with Shital during or after the retreat:

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