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About our Retreats!

Group Meditation


About Avida Retreats

Avida Retreats is an opportunity for our guests to be immersed in an empowered and transformative retreat setting for advanced healing and growth.  Our experienced teachers and healers will share with you a wealth of experience and knowledge for your own inner growth and healing. 

Here are the topics we cover at our retreats!

This provides an overview of what can be expected each day.  Details will be provided after registration and closer to the event.

In Depth Classes

We offter a dynamic array of topics and healing modalities to provide a transformative experience


Empath Classes & Healing

Learn from an experienced teacher, healer and empath, Dr. Florida who will immerse you in an interactive class to help heal those old traumas and answer all the questions about being an empath and how to transform from  dysfunction to highly functional while embracing your gifts,  improving relationships and life as a whole.  


Advanced Energy Healing 

Learn from highly experienced and knowledgeable healers and teachers about in depth practices in Metaphysical  and Advanced Energy Healing.  Learn to apply these practices to your own healing as well as healing others.


Sacred Geometry 

Learn the secrets of the universe through sacred geometry.  Learn about the concepts that shape Sacred Geometry.  Particpate in drawing, visualizations, meditations and more to learn about the importance of geometry in our world.  They are for our energy body and our conscious mind to become more connected with our higher self and our energy body.  

Movement & Music

We believe that much healng and transformation happens through movement and music

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


With multiple teachers also being practiced yogis and yoga instructors, our retreats will embrace yoga.  Some of the types that may be included are Ashtanga, and Yoga Nidra.  Different retreats may have guest teachers and differents styles.  



Meditation is a way to lower the brain waves to calm the mind and body and allow quiet time and relax the nervous stress freing us from the stressors of life.  Depending on the retreat we have a variety of meditatitations,

Image by Drew Colins

Music & EDM

 All of our music will be inspired by healing. We have soundbaths, meditation inspired music and Ecstatic Dance Music for our EDM evenging gatherings.  These gatherings will be movement with some guidance to help heal through movement and music.   

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