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Retreat Class Descriptions

General overview of each class content

Functional Empath Series Level 1-3 by Sara Florida MAOM, PhD

Dr. Florida will teach a class series called "The Functional Empath" based on her soon to be released book.  She will  teach three levels of the class.  We will start with discussing who an empath is, how they relate to the world around them and how the world reacts to them.  Many empaths feel stuck or dysfunctional and have difficulty with things like taking care of an administrative task, making a phone call, going to a  public space, and relationship issues with family that don't understand them.  This class addresses all those issues and help the empath move from dysfunction to function.  The classes will progress to discuss daily challenges that empaths face and how to better manage the world as an empath with techniques for daily care.  The classes will be interactive so there will be opportunities to share as well as do some self- discovery and healing.  We will discuss and practice techniques to manage relationships, public settings, work - life, energy management, self-care,  mental - emotional detox and so much more.    

Discover Your Healing Power by: Shital Dalwadi Series of 3 Classes

Are you looking to explore and deepen your skill as a healer? Join Shital in a series of workshops and discover how to utilize the "tool of curiosity" to discover more about yourself and the healing of others.  Discover how to use your curiosity in order to gain deeper insight into connecting with other dimensions and speaking with your higher self.  In the last session, you will put your curiosity into practice. Harness the beauty of nature and connect with Shital through her power of flower rangoli. An ancient Hindu tradition, the flower rangoli is considered to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck, into a household and bless it with positivity, vibrancy, and happiness. 

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